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American Spirit Unlimited, LLC is a company dedicated to improving the operation of oil fired heating equipment. The enterprise was founded in 1995 by Mr. Patrick F. Servidio, an educated entrepreneur possessing many years of experience in HVAC. Early on Mr. Servidio recognized the need for a device that could shut off problem boilers and warm air furnaces operating under back pressure. For years "puffbacks" and the subsequent soot damage caused by them have cost homeowners big dollars in both clean-up and insurance fees.

But another danger of even greater magnitude exists - that of carbon monoxide. Although it is widely accepted that oil-fired heating equipment presents a low risk for producing the lethal gas, back pressure can change the rules. When chimney blockage or unit plugging causes back pressure, carbon monoxide can begin leaking from the combustion chamber.

The patented SootGuard oil burner fuse has been engineered to react at the onset of back pressure - before soot damage occurs and before deadly carbon monoxide permeates your customer's home.

After seven years of extensive testing in the field, the SootGuard oil burner fuse has been hailed as "the only sure-fire solution" to problems caused by back pressure. More importantly, the revolutionary SootGuard oil burner fuse works - time after time.


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